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RJ Produce sources our mangos from various regions within Mexico. We ensure that the proper quality and varieties are shipped with each order. We have the ability to custom fit a mango program for each of our customers based on size, quality and varietal needs.

The mango is the second largest tropical fruit crop in the world, second only to bananas. This fruit, which is typically eaten fresh, can also be used for a variety of purposes that include canned fruit, juices, jellies, dehydrating and pulps that may be used in iced confectionery and yogurts. Mangos are even used in their un-ripened form for pickles and chutney.

The latest research shows that mango fruit is a good fruit which will protect your body against leukemia and some types of cancer, such as colon cancer, breast cancer and even prostate cancers. Vitamin C in mango fruit is also beneficial for your body, since it developed the resistance against infectious.