Persian Limes



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CONTROL – We have control over the entire production process.

  • – We employ our own lime harvesting crews.
  • – We have strict quality control and procedures in all phases including planting, harvesting, transportation to the packing shed, grading, transportation to our US warehouses, and final destination to our customers.

RJ Produce has Persian Limes available throughout the year.

Food safety is a priority in every phase of production, from harvesting to transportation.

  • – Our packing sheds are certified and recognized by third party auditing. (Primus Labs)
  • – Complete traceability – Each box is labeled and coded by grower and Lot #.

Being vertically integrated in all aspects of the Persian Lime industry, we are not relying on a third party for vital crop information from the source – we are the source. Knowing when to aggressively promote volume and when supplies will be tight is vital for a strong marketing partnership.

About Limes

Limes are highly sensitive to cold weather and are grown exclusively in tropical climates. Mexico is by far the leading exporter of fresh limes. Per person consumption of fresh limes increased from nearly 1 pound per person in 1989 to 2.5 pounds in 2009.

Because the Florida-based U.S. lime industry no longer exists, imports account for 100 percent of lime consumption. Historically, production of limes has also occurred entirely in Florida because lime production is best suited for tropical climates. However, the United States no longer has a commercial lime industry, due to citrus canker in combination with hurricanes.

Shipping limes for importing
LIme tree